How to lower your cell phone bill by 80 percent

After cutting my expenses from five percent more than I was making, all the way down to forty percent of my income, there was one rather large bill. I knew I needed to lower my cell phone bill. It was staring me down, taunting me, “Are you enough of a Boss’r to deal with me?”.

One hundred and twelve dollars, every month, without fail, for eternity. Well, I finally had to show my cell phone bill who was really in charge!

This was without a doubt the hardest bill for me to cut. Harder than selling my second and third vehicles, and replacing them with a bike. Harder than making phone calls to my bank to lower my fees. I just hate having to phone help desks and the inevitable 45 minutes of hold music.

I really liked the plan I had and Koodo had been really good to me. This was a real let’s dig down, clench my teeth and pull, kick to the nards kind of determination.

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3 reasons NOT to contribute to your RRSP this year.

Ah, tax season is upon us and like a good little worker B you are likely swarming to top up your RRSP contribution. After all, the ~30% return is nothing to swat at, and deferring your taxes is almost always a good idea. However there are a few excellent reasons you may want to hold off on dropping that hard earned money into the RRSP portion of your Honey Pot.

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Weekend Fun: Simple, fun, old school things to do

Yay! The weekend!

Yahoo! The weekend is here. The weekend posts will be informal random thoughts without all the to-do, life changing, money saving excitement from the regular blog. The weekends let me think about when every day will be a weekend… What things will we do, what can we accomplish without the restraints of the 9-5 grind?

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Fighting the Bull (kaka), aka: Credit Card Debt

Before we can continue on this fantastic journey, we have to tackle one issue head on, like a bull and his matador. But this matador’s feet are firmly entrenched, in fact they are so firmly stuck he can barely move. Looking to his feet he sees that they look perfectly normal, just a new pair of Yeezy sneakers glistening back. You right if you guessed they were paid for in the form of Credit Card Debt.

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