Time to Think, or Life With Tomorrow in Mind.

Habitually I see my townsmen at work doing penance, for why else should they commit themselves to such drudgery, if not for a higher cause? Certainly not for a 1998, nor 2008, nor certainly a 2018 Ford powered carriage? For who thinks upon the carriages of 1898, and who will think upon the carriages of 2018 with any more grandeur in the next era?

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I’m Lazy

I’m lazy and it’s saving me $1.4 M I L L I O N dollars.

When people say ‘Man you crazy, why do you ride your bike to work every day?‘ I respond ‘I’m lazy

When people ask ‘Triple B, my good man, why in god’s green earth did you cut your power bill in half? Use your electric furnace, and skip that load of firewood. And did I hear you take cold showers!‘ I respond ‘Ye, I could, but I’m lazy‘.

When people look at me with that one raised eyebrow expression, that The Rock made famous, and with quivering voice tell me they could never survive with less than 8 gigs of data ‘How do you do it? they exclaim! Well, you guessed it ‘I’m Lazy‘.

I’m Lazy, but I’m not crazy.

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