How to lower your cell phone bill by 80 percent

After cutting my expenses from five percent more than I was making, all the way down to forty percent of my income, there was one rather large bill. I knew I needed to lower my cell phone bill. It was staring me down, taunting me, “Are you enough of a Boss’r to deal with me?”.

One hundred and twelve dollars, every month, without fail, for eternity. Well, I finally had to show my cell phone bill who was really in charge!

This was without a doubt the hardest bill for me to cut. Harder than selling my second and third vehicles, and replacing them with a bike. Harder than making phone calls to my bank to lower my fees. I just hate having to phone help desks and the inevitable 45 minutes of hold music.

I really liked the plan I had and Koodo had been really good to me. This was a real let’s dig down, clench my teeth and pull, kick to the nards kind of determination.

The Struggle Is Real

I spent hours researching every new phone that came out, knew every spec. Like Napoleon Dynamite I love technology… but I love my family more. Could I really justify working another 12 months* longer, a whole year, just for a high priced cell plan? I knew I had to make this cut if I was to call myself Triple B!

So instead of researching the next top tier phone to be released I deep dived into every cell plan out there, to find the best, for the least. And this is what I came up with:

Public Mobile. They were bought by Telus and migrated to the Telus network, so you get the same great coverage as Telus/Koodo phones. Your not going to get a surprise $5000 phone bill as it’s Pre-paid. Really phones have only had increment upgrades since the iPhone 6/ Galaxy 6 days.

As much as it pains me to say so, you don’t need the latest phone -the one you got was great when it came out and will be just as good for around 5 years at least. So pay off any amounts owed on your phone and get ready to enjoy the year off work you’ve earned.

It gets closer with every dollar saved

Ten Minutes For A Year Of Freedom

I went with the $15 unlimited texting, 250 mb data, 100 minutes call time plan. If you sign up for automatic renewal you get two dollars off bringing the bill to $13/month. Every person you refer gives you another dollar off a month.

Every year you stick with them gains you another dollar off for loyalty. Get three friends to sign up and you’ve got yourself a ten dollar phone plan.

So the first thing I had to do was order a sim card from Amazon (an affiliate link, thanks!) . For ten dollars (now I see they are $6.99), it wasn’t a huge risk to try them out, so I could report to all you fellow Worker B’s if it was indeed legit. It came in the mail a couple days later thanks to Amazon Prime.

I grabbed a pin, popped the card holder open, and replaced the Koodo sim card with the Public Mobile one. Next I went to their website and clicked activate sim. Filled out the info as requested. It was activated in about 30 seconds .

Next I requested to transfer my existing number from Koodo. I was relieved when I found out they do everything for you, including cancelling your bill so you don’t get any surprises next month. We had two phones on the same account and I was happy when they didn’t do anything funny, like cancel both. About ten seconds later I was rocking! It was just that easy.

Earn that money Tom!

Help Me Help You

If you are thinking of doing the same you can use this referral code to score yourself ten bucks off and tally me a dollar off my bill! ZY4YEO

I used a referral code and set up for auto payments, so now I have a $12 credit sitting in my account. Which leaves me with a three dollar phone bill for next month. Fellow B’s, that feels good. Like Wow!

Data Is The New Oil

In more ways than just one! “ At three percent of the global electricity supply and accounting for about two percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, data centres have the same carbon footprint as the aviation industry. “ The wanton use of data has a real effect on world electricity demand, and thus pricing, as well as a significant effect on the air we breathe.

But Still… that Data!

Yeah, at first I didn’t think it would be possible to live on 250 Mb of data, after living care free (Hey, it was only costing me a year of my life…) with a 4 gig plan. But I turned on the Data Saver setting and went through my apps to make sure they were all set to not use data, which took about ten minutes, including making a coffee.

I also went through and deleted a bunch of useless apps at the same time and turned off notifications for all except a few messaging services.

With the proliferation of WiFi signals literally everywhere and Apps that find and connect you to them, I actually found it pretty easy to live without the data. And if we go on a trip, or for whatever reason I decide that I need data, I can buy a gig for $30 and it has no time limit for usage. Thus far, I’ve gotten by just fine.

In fact I’m really liking not being connected at every waking second. It’s made me much more productive at home and work. Which is guaranteed to pay dividends. It just makes life feel more like real life without the constant notifications.

Curiosity allowed this cat to retire with 6 lives remaining. Not Bad Kitty!


So are you ready to make the jump, and try it? It’s easy enough to switch back if you find you’re in a House of Pain. But I gotta say, making the Bye Boss phone call, just before that extra year of freedom, is going to feel oh, so sweet.


They now have a $5 off the $15 or $25 plan and $10 off the $35 and up plan. So now you dont even have to lose your data if that’s holding you back! Referral code ZY4YEO for another 10 dollars off, and $1 for me!

* Based on the following: switching two phones on $50/month plans with taxes equaling $112 to 2 pre-paid $13/month plans totaling $29/month with taxes. A savings of $83/month. Using the calculation: Monthly expense x 300 / monthly savings amount = number months extra you will work. $83 x 300 / $2000= 12.45 months! If you are saving less than $2000 a month the benefit is even greater!

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5 Replies to “How to lower your cell phone bill by 80 percent”

  1. Great blog, all true! I’m down to 15 a month on my bill after only being with PM for 3 months! Good luck getting to 0 bro!!

    1. Thanks! And wow that’s awesome to hear. I remember not so long ago it felt like the cell companies had us all by the neck!

  2. Bill for next month with PM due to credits and promotions $3 !! With my old phone company would of been over $100. For same plan/service. Thanks for the referral !

    1. No thank you! It’s a great strategy. Being loosely coupled (not on a contract) to the cell phone carriers is advantageous as there is considerable shakeup in the industry. Being pre paid allows you to take full advantage of any further price cuts, while saving a ton right now.

  3. That’s a great option for those whose needs are met with that plan, so cheap! I’ll have to dig into some of their higher data plans to see if I can save money with a switch. Unfortunately, we spend time at my mother’s house regularly in the middle of nowhere and I need the data making those trips for work, so cutting back that low isn’t going to cut it. That being said, that doesn’t mean there isn’t another option that will work for me!!

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