RenPho Air Purifier Review

There’s only one reason your here reading this air purifier review, to see if it passed THE FART TEST! Read on to find out!

Full Disclosure: I was given this Air Purifier to review, and I promptly farted on it. Did it succeed in saving my family from the horrifying butastrophe?…

You don’t get to find out that fast!

Well, first we need to take a look at this air purifier and see if anyone should bother purchasing one. Is it any help against COVID-19? Let’s get to it!

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The P’s & C’s

  • Pro: It’s rated up to 220 square feet. That’s a big room, 22′ x 10′. There’s no CFM rating but we can calculate it with the data given. It claims to change the air 3 times in a 220 ft² room. Using the formula CFM = # of air changes * Volume / 60, We find 3 x 220/60 = 11CFM. I can’t verify the accuracy of this, but given how much air it moves, I’d say it’s a reasonable rating.
  • Con: It’s not 12 CFM?
  • Pro: It’s a simple design. It doesn’t have a ton of sensors or other garbage. I found out the hard way when I bought a $400 air purifier last year and it died 3 months later, due to the electronics failing. A warranty one was sent, and it also lasted about 3 months before failing. Luckily all you need in an air purifier is a fan that pulls air through a filter. I was able to bypass the sensors and wire in a dependable switch to power the IC that controlled the fan. So the best advice I can give when buying an air purifier is get a simple one. The bells and whistles are used in an effort to differentiate the products, but only result in a decrease in reliability.
  • Con: It doesn’t have sensors to detect if the air is dirty. Luckily you have been born with olfactory senses in the form of a awkward protrusion on the front of your face. Use that instead, it’s foolproof. Your nose knows.
  • Pro: 4 fan speeds. That’s more than you need. Has a sleep setting that runs silently. On high its noticable, but you can still have a conversation at normal speaking volumes. I have it purring beside me right now on high and I’m able to work.
  • Con: It’s not as quiet as a Dyson fan but it’s also not $700. It’s $140 . You can buy 3,164 ear plugs with the savings. Even putting two in each ear hole and one in each nostril that’s 633 days of plugging.
  • Pro: It has a cool RGB light setting that will impress your friends.
  • Con: Or not.
  • Pro: It only draws 35 watts on high. It will cost $306 to run this for ten years (always calculate everything over ten years, this is how long before you retire if you start BuyBossin’ today), or 8 cents a day. Measured with my Neurio.
  • Con: It draws 26 watts on low. A Two Six in my belly would be more fun.
  • Pro: It comes in two Colours, Black or White.
  • Con: My dad told me everything’s not black and white and I believed him.
  • Pro: It’s got a timer. You can pick 2, 4, or 8 hours.
  • Con: Why? The only reason I can think is as a white noise generator to fall asleep and you don’t want it running all night?
  • Pro: The control panel doubles as neat little handle. That’s smart engineering.
  • Con: Engineers are not smart in real life.
  • Pro: It has a long extension cord. There’s nothing worse than an appliance with a one foot cord. This gives me hope that they did not skimp elsewhere. Can also double as a self defense air purifying nunchaku.
  • Con: It could be battery powered. But then it would cost even more. Plug is good.
  • Pro: Filter is easy to change. Just give the bottom a quarter turn and it comes out.
  • Con: It has a bag on the filter when you first get it. So make sure you take that off. The bag, not your clothes.
  • Pro: It’s a Hepa Filter. Also has a charcoal filter. The circular design of the filter also allows a smaller form factor.
  • Con: Read the last paragraph.
  • Pro: It can capture the Coronavirus.
  • Con: But your most likely to be infected from touching something with the virus the CDC says. However, they are not doing so well at containing it so far..


Should you get one?

I researched air purifier review after air purifier review for days, before purchasing one last year. I found out after paying way too much ($400!) that really all you need is something that pulls air through a HEPA filter. This fan does that. It moves enough air to be effective in all but the largest rooms.

It’s quiet enough to be in the same room with it, especially on settings 1-3. It has a nice smooth white noise to it, not choppy like some fans.

Do we need air purifiers? I bought mine because I was continually getting colds and thought perhaps it would help. We have a wood fire and it does add some air pollution and irritants, the air purifier definitely helps with keeping the dust down significantly. I can’t say with certainty if the air purifier helped reduce colds, like most health things it’s entirely subjective, but I think it helped me. Riding my bike every day and losing over 25 lbs* helped as well.

If you live with a smoker, or have indoor animals, the case is definitely stronger. I can say with certainty the office I’m working in now has the freshest air in the house, as I sit next to the Renpho Air Purifier, wishing I had bought this one and saved myself $300.

But what if you live with a chronic farter, a master of disaster, man of unfailing flatulence, a ripper of the ripe? WILL IT SAVE YOUR FAMILY??!!

The Kids say YES! … I think.

*I purchased this Renpho body fat scale, and it was instrumental in losing that weight. First collect data, then destroy your goals!

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  1. This was such a fun way to review it – I love all the extra humour! Honestly, as you said, people spend all this money on the bells and whistles of fancier units, and it’s those very bells and whistles that bite them in the end by failing lol! Sometimes bigger isn’t always better!

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