Weekend Fun: Simple, fun, old school things to do

Yay! The weekend!

Yahoo! The weekend is here. The weekend posts will be informal random thoughts without all the to-do, life changing, money saving excitement from the regular blog. The weekends let me think about when every day will be a weekend… What things will we do, what can we accomplish without the restraints of the 9-5 grind?

A still winter day here

Take the Power Back

I noticed my power usage was creeping up, so I thought it would be fun to get my power down to the lowest possible level, which is 35 watts currently. I track this with a home energy monitor, which beams the data real-time to my phone. This is the one I use, which is middle of the road in terms of price. There is also this one, which is more expensive, and this one which is cheaper*. So I went around and found a few things plugged in that were drawing phantom power, unplugged them, and relished in how easy it was to save money. Next were a few fans blowing the hot air around the house. I grabbed a coffee and sat for a moment listening to the quiet.

Over Budget Alert!

It wasn’t that long ago that all humanity lived in this quiet all the time. No 60 hertz hum, no electric motors kicking off and on. What could we do for fun in this setting? A great idea from a Bye Buy Boss reader floated through my mind to the rhythm of the classical music that permeated the air (I could only spend so long in the quiet!). They had set up a board game club with their friends! Each week or two they would congregate at one of their houses and play a new board game, and all would chip in to buy it. What a great idea. Now what if you could join the two ideas… Have a power off night and play board games! Flip the breaker off, light some candles, find the camping lights, or use glow sticks. You can find lots of obscure used board games at yard sales and thrift shops for cheap.

What’s On Your Playlist?

Here are some of our current favorite games, let us know which ones you like in the comments:

The kids have been haranguing us into playing Simpson’s Monopoly lately. It’s actually quite fun and brings back lots of memories of playing monopoly as a family when we were kids. It also really helps develop your negotiating skills as you try and convince a child that the Quik-e-mart property is worth Moe’s Bar and $100 -when all they want is the get out of jail free cards.

Always keep your money organized!

Booty is fun thrift store find. It goes great after reading a chapter from our well worn Treasure Island book. You try and collect the treasure buried around the map, while blocking the other players movement with chips you place down. Would you play as young Jim Hawkins, or the dreaded pirate Long John Silver?

Family Treasures

And finally Imperial Assault! This is a game that takes a day or longer to play so it’s great for camping or a full day game party. Make sure to make some star wars themed snacks! Half the fun is making the story and, of course, the Darth Vader noises. You’d be surprised how many fathers you have by the end of the game.

Blaster is required equipment
The AT-ST will make short work of that blast door

Enjoy your time off!

*There are affiliate links throughout the article, however I encourage you to look for used items whenever possible.

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    1. I had a couple failed attempts. When the oldest turned 8 I was finally successful! I attribute the success because she loves to read now, more than the books appeal, which is still awesome.

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